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Group Launches Political Movement,To Mobilize 1 Million Voters In Each State

A Coalition of Political and Civil Activists has announced a political movement to end the era of selfish and vision-less political Leaders in Nigeria and return the Nation’s democratic experiment to the People.The Movement is poised to mobilize one million voters via online and offline platforms, in each State of the Federation starting from South Eastern part of Nigeria.In a statement released to the Press and signed by the group PRO-Comrade Emma Onwuegbune,the statement reads in full ‘For a long time, the masses and their leaders have been talking about enthronement  of good leadership, political reformation, political freedom and economic freedom, and we have achieved little or no gains from our speeches. That era of much talks with little or no gains is over. The resolve to move into a new era in which we will talk less and achieve more has given birth to a mass movement known as Peoples Restoration Movement’
PRM is for the masses and decision of the masses will be supreme because democracy reigns in it. PRM will concentrate its activities on enthronement of good governance,voters education, campaign against vote buying and vote selling, continuous voters registration campaign ,campaign for community policing and returning of political power to the masses.
PRM will derive its power from the masses and return political power to the masses. South-East region has, already, embraced PRM with open arms. Youth, women, elders and veterans in the region have resolved to raise one million voters in each state in the region.
 In future elections, these voters will vote for popular candidates of the masses who will implement the Will of the masses when they are elected.
Registration portals have been opened as  the masses of Nigeria have started to enroll to be part of the political struggle to return power to the people.
PRM will build a new political order that defines democracy as  the Government of the people by the people and for the People. It will run both online and offline political programs to sensitize the masses of Nigeria on their civic rights and obligations.
PRM will live by its name. It will promote and campaign for the returning of political  power to the indigenous people of Nigeria and return Nigeria to regional government in which every region will have political, economic and sociocultural freedom,a confederal system of government.
Join the Peoples Movement by sending your name,location  via SMS to 08080713532, 09018187365, 09071376998, 08062628693′ The statement concluded.


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