Today makes it the 5th day since the release of the viral video of Islamic Cleric, Sheik Abubakar Gumi suggesting to Fulani bandits that it is Christian soldiers that are killing them, and as such, they (the bandits) should focus on attacking Christian soldiers. In that video, the govt appointed spiritual father to Fulani bandits was heard telling the criminals that he got the information from a senior military officer and that he believed the source.

A few points to note:

Sheik Gumi is a well educated well traveled man. A medical doctor and a retd army captain. Plus, the federal govt through the information minister has publicly admitted the FG is using him to reach out to the Fulani bandits. In otherwords, the ex-soldier turned bandits spokesman is actually working for the FG.

Now here is another point to note:


Let this sink!

This is the Army/SSS that waste no time releasing statement over issues as trivial as a couple having inconclusive sex in a position they foolishly deem likely to threaten national security

No word from the FG/Presidency which Gumi is working for. And this is the same govt that rolled out all their intellectual terrorists against the good Bishop Hassan Kukah who simply stated what we all know about the clannishness of this death merchant that is the Buhari Presidency.

How many Northern leader, cleric, politician or anyone of note has condemned that very dangerous utterance by Gumi which he made right in presence of the Fulani bandits??????

The answer to the above question will tell you if the white bearded ex soldier was speaking a minority view or he was simply outspoken enough to voice out what so many Northern Muslims at the Presidency and very senior military positions have been saying and even taking devilish actions on.

Did Muhammadu Buhari not once asked Northern soldiers not to attack Boko haram terrorists because that would amount to attacking the North? Buhari is a retd Army General

Did Murtala Nyako not openly threaten to take the ex army Chief, general Ihejirika to the ICC for killing Boko haram whom he described as Northern children?? Nyako, the former governor of Adamawa state is a retd senior Naval Officer. Matter of fact, he was once a Chief of naval staff between 1990-1992

Truth is,

Those of you from the South who are soldiers still fighting Boko haram and Fulani bandits alongside your Northern Muslim colleagues, I have a whole lot to tell you but why would I bother myself telling an adult to get out of the sun????? If the adult is enjoying the sun, which one be my own? Atuolo omako omara mana atuolo ofeke, ofenye isi n’ofia. My people say when a proverb is used in communicating to a full fledged adult and still explained to the adult, then something is either wrong with the adult or the one doing the explaining.

Buhari didn’t divide Nigeria. Nigeria was never united. Buhari simply succeeded in ‘ZOOMING’ and Boldening our ethno-religious cleavages in ways even the blind could no longer pretend not to see them.

#OneNigeria is a lie our forefathers came together to decide to tell themselves over and over and over again until they forgot it is all a lie. Some of us the offsprings grew up believing this intergenerational lie. Buhari simply came and successfully jolted us to reality.

The South needs to wake up and face reality for once and forget this poisoned chalice that is 2023.

If we don’t separate from these guys, we ain’t making any progress. Never!


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