Friday afternoon saw a gunman go on the rampage in the capital city of Anambra State, Awka.

At the Regina Caeli intersection in Keke Park along the Enugu-Onitsha road, they robbed tricycle drivers. In addition, they stole phones and cash from POS operators on the Eke-Awka axis.

The gunmen, who were thought to be members of a cult in Awka, robbed the Keke drivers and passengers at Regina Junction of their phones and cash.

An eyewitness who did not want his identity to be published out of fear of violence said, “The gunmen entered the Keke park on tricycles and gave the drivers and passengers orders to lie down and made away with their money.

The individuals suspected of carrying out the operations are Awka cult youngsters.
The park operators have not paid any of the people they had been paying a specific amount to each week since January. I refuse to identify the powerful individuals who are making the money.

Additionally, an insider revealed that they had been paying N30,000 a week to a few individuals he declined to name out of fear of reprisals.

He claimed that the attack came after they had been unable to make payments for a few weeks.
He urged the state authorities to assist them in thwarting a cult attack in the state capital, stating that they were in immediate danger at the park.

According to eyewitness, the state administration claimed to have halted touts in the state, lamenting the fact that they weren’t terrorizing the Keke operators on a daily basis, but rather regrouping.

According to the source, “These touts have changed their tactics and are still frightening Keke operators, despite the state government’s claims to have formed an anti tout outfit to fight touting and others.”

A semilar occurrence saw armed individuals robbing POS workers in Eke Awka, taking their money and phone with them.

Witnesses claimed that the thieves arrived on their property on tricycles and told them to put their money in their bags. However, the witness did not want his name to be published out of fear of being attacked.

According to a POS operator, the criminals caused her to lose N860,000.

It was unsuccessful to get the Anambra State Police command to respond to any of the attempts made.


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