The GUO Transport company has released an official statement condemning assault on one of her drivers by Soludo Government officials. The company described the incident as most unfortunate and traumatizing.GUO has threatened legal action against Soludo Government.

Press release obtained from the company’s website says:

Criminal Assualt on Our Driver: Our Stand – GUO

“Today, the 20th day of October 2023, one of our drivers was brutally assaulted while in transit with passengers in his vehicle for overtaking a vehicle conveying one Mr. Ossy Onukwo, (MD Awka Capital
Territory Development Authority (ACTDA). We watched with great dismay, multiple videos from
different eyewitnesses of how our driver was brutally beaten by Mr Ossy Onuko’s aides at the Awka axis of the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway. Our passengers, who unfortunately witnessed this incident are still traumatized by the horror.

“We thank the good, spirited individuals who witnessed and tried to intervene in this sad, inhumane act by this political officer and his aides. If not for their intervention, our driver would have lost his life in the hands of the daredevil Individuals acting as government officials who ordinarily have the duty to serve and protect law abiding citizens. Thankfully, the driver is currently receiving medical attention, and we pray for his complete recovery physically and mentally. Our heart goes to our passengers, who were
also left traumatized and stranded on the highway.

“Anambrarians and other Nigerian citizens have called to express their sympathy for the victim. They have also joined us in prayers for his recovery from the inhumane treatment meted to him by the
power abuse of a government official. We assure all concerned citizens that we will seek legal redress, to ensure that such acts of inhumane treatment of citizens do not keep occurring.

“We have also seen the statement from the press secretary of the Anambra state Government. We are
surprised that they would want to defend the atrocious act meted out to our driver today. Suddenly, they justify this atrocious action of theirs by contending that it is our driver’s recklessness that led to his being beaten with a machete and terribly brutalized. “The false narrative they put out without speaking to our driver or the passengers in the vehicle that witnessed the whole incident speaks volumes.

“We call on the Executive Governor of Anambra State to condemn the conduct of his officials and constitute a panel of inquiry into this incident to curtail the excesses of his officials and avoid a repeat of similar incident which could possibly have led to loss of lives and chaos in the state”.


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