Happy Boys: OPM Pastor should be Arrested- By Activist Paul I. Njoku

In view of the verifiable sad realities between the General-Overseer of Omega Power Ministry (OPM), Apostle Chibuzor and the “Happy Boys”, who in my opinion were sent to Cyprus in a disguised and hypnotized University scholarship scam orchestrated by the same Apostle Chibuzor who later abandoned the boys in far away Cyprus should not be handled with kid gloves by the Nigerian government and relevant but diplomatic authorities because lives of the two Nigerians (Happy boys) matter.

Their lives are very important. They should not be intimidated and relegated to die. Their parents and family members need them alive and healthy. Nigerians should speak in the defense of those innocent and defenseless boys.

From the comparative analysis of the events, i am beginning to believe that Apostle chibuzor is fraudulent, satanic, uncouth and evil. I have developed a sudden and unusual feelings that he is not a genuine man of God but a scammer with a religious hypnosis to enrich himself and family.

I strongly believe he is cashing out on national trending catastrophy with media hype, fake philanthropy and deceit. How best can one define evil manipulation and reverse psychology by an illiterate? The “happy boys” have indeed exposed him.

Apostle Chibuzor should be held accountable and responsible should anything happen to those guys.


feel terribly heartbroken that instead of taking responsibility, he is busy laying abuses and “curses” on the boys he enslaved in Cyprus as if he is God. He does not know he has already put those guys in a worst ‘cursed’ and death-threatening situation by abandoning them in the street of cold and rebellious Cyprus. This is nothing but a modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

I urge the Inspector-General of Police to arrest, interrogate and prosecute Apostle Chibuzor with regards to the lives and safety of those Nigerian boys endangered in the hell-fire of Cyprus.

If Apostle Chibuzor has power to curse people, why does he not have same power to bless these vulnerable guys he voluntarily took into custody for media stunt? I authored good epistles on this man without knowing I was wrong and I will soon recant and withdraw my previous views on him because he does not deserve it.

His actions on the “happy-boys” is deeply shameless and heartless. He has a reprobate mind and lacks human conscience. TB Joshua of the blessed memory would not have abandoned students he told the world that he gave scholarship abroad.

One can imagine why he did not send these guys to the UK or USA where he reportedly sent his sisters, brothers, family relatives, allies, friends and in-laws but to a very poor and vulnerable Cyprus to die.

Deborah’s family and actor Aguba should be interrogated to tell the world what Apostle Chibuzor represents. No wonder Aguba simply told him to build him a small house in his father’s compound than the media endless stunts without productivity which he angrily sent Aguba back to his home state, Enugu, in a rented dummy apartment.

A simple sale of one of the G-wagons in Apostle Chibuzor’s garage can sustain the scholarship payment of those boys who did not beg him to offer them fake scholarship with media parade.

It is satanic for Chibuzor to risk the lives of those boys in a foreign land. He should not have abandoned and ignored them. He will never treat his children or child in such manner. He should pray nothing should happen to them.

Those boys were taken to Cyprus alive by Apostle Chibuzor. Therefore, he must bring them back to Nigeria alive than in corpses.



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