Happy Easter to all the members of GGM Cooperative. We thank God for keeping us alive to sustain this economic vision of financial freedom . Many are called but very few are chosen.

We have laid a strong foundation in 2022 . We are building a formidable economic institution that will outlive us . Ours is Cooperative Society with a difference .

In Alaigbo ,there are up to 100,000 registered cooperative societies . Some are quite successful while others are used as means to pursue Government grants and facilities.

The main objective of GGM Cooperative is to pursue financial freedom. The vision bearers of GGM Cooperative are men of proven integrity with track records of financial management.

However ,the Cooperative will not be allowed to witness corruption as the case with Nigeria system . The operations are guided by rules and guidelines ,and all members of the cooperative are equal.

At the foundation level , several sacrifices were made by the vision bearers to ensure that the operations sailed through. Last year, no staff was under the payroll of the cooperative,no office accommodation was paid for ,no operations cost. However, things will take appropriate shape as the Cooperative expands . As stated earlier ,we are building a financial system that requires commitment and sacrifice. There is no doubt that GGM Cooperative will be an enviable brand in the next few years .

Those who have idle fund are advised to invest in GGM Cooperative capital investment with a minimum of N10,000 per slot and payable into account number: 5210054411. Fidelity Bank ; GOOD GOVERNANCE (UMUDIOKA) MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE .Isusu contribution is with minimum of N1000 monthly while members registration is N10,000(one -off)

GGM Cooperative is partnering with BVI Channel 1 to ensure that our people are protected economically. Finally ,the safety of your investment is guaranteed while benefiting from other investment opportunities as great ideas yield bountiful returns .

We will create market for our people in Diaspora as well as those at home .

2023 will be great.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu
President – GGM Cooperative


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