If Obiano can connect street lightening system throughout Anambra State though in unsustainable manners , why can’t Prof Soludo think of restoring public water system across Anambra State to ensure that farming is done on 24 months basis and ensure that the gap between the rich and poor is narrowed . A public water scheme can keep all the plumber in the state busy and productive with increase in purchasing power . Spending billions in road construction is good but we should accommodate other players in economic ecosystem . How do we achieve a smart city without electricity plan ,drainage plan ,public pipe- borne water plan ,residential and commercial housing plans ,industrial and agricultural plans,farm settlements plans that the public will see .

We have not seen regional plan as envisioned by Ohanaeze through Prof Soludo technical Committee. Time is ticking and Prof Soludo has no time . SA on business incubation should act fast to begin to give hope to thousands of young people looking for job including depressed households .

We have not seen stimulus packages to cushion the effect of dwindling value of naira . Fix income earners are the most hit during this economic crisis period ! How do Government make civil servants productive and increase their purchasing power to intervene in market dislocations? How do Government intervene in abnormal increase in food materials ! Is there a plan to set marketing and pricing board. The responsibility of any Government is to organize the market and ensure that the weak is not exploited unduly while protecting the interest of the rich.

GGM expects Prof Soludo to use his wealth of experience in Nation building to intervene in this period of economic crisis . Anambra State has started receiving crude oil loyalty ,there should be a way to inject billions into the system as billions are being injected into road construction. Credible Cooperative Societies can be organised to participate in different agricultural value chains that will guarantee return on investment in short terms . Low cost housing scheme could be initiated as intervention program in high cost housing market.

And lot more…..

GGM loves you and will always hold Government accountable .

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu writes for GGM


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