On Rufai statement that Muslim will continue to rule Nigeria , I blame Christian Leaders for the fate of Christians in Nigeria. While Muslim is using public institutions to empower their followers , Christian Leaders are collecting money from the poor without improving their standard of living,paying their workers peanuts while building cathedral in every community .

While Muslims are playing politics inside mosques, Christian Leaders are not encouraging their followers to join political parties. While Muslim Leaders establish Islamic banks that give loans at zero % interest,Christian Leaders establish banks that charge exploitative interest rate. Muslim Leaders understand that politics determines everything,Christian Leaders preaches the power of miracle.

Thank God for the coming of GGM and Obidient Movement. The political space has been altered forever in Nigeria and the wise and smart politicians should join good Governance Ministry to take the struggle to permanent site . Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is an Ambassador of Good Governance Ministry,GGM


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