Labour Party gubernatorial aspirant for Imo state, Sam Amadi has kicked against the state of affairs in the party ahead of the Imo state primary election saying delegates are selling votes for dollars.

Amadi, in a signed statement, made public terms and conditions for his continued participation in the Imo state Labour Party governorship primary elections.

He stated his resolve not to partake in the “ Open Bazaar for delegates “ or be a part of buying and selling of delegates which appears to be the norm ahead of the Imo state Labour party gubernatorial primaries.

Speaking on his decision to join the Imo gubernatorial race under the banner of the Labour Party, Amadi believes the party, under the leadership of Peter Obi, stands a chance to wrestle power from Hope Uzodinma’s stranglehold in the state.

According to his statement, his hopes have been dashed by the events leading up to the gubernatorial primary election.

“Today, as the delegates decide on the candidate for the party. I wish them the wisdom and the courage to vote right. I must note that the events of the last few days are dashing my hope that the party is ready to be a vanguard of change that will mobilise Imo people against the Hope Uzodinma administration.

“ I must state clearly that I will not participate in the buying and selling of delegates in any form. I have offered myself, my integrity, my competencies, and my courage to dislodge Hope Uzodmobilise to mobilise the people to build a new Imo that is secured, prosperous, and accountable.

“ I will not give anyone one kobo. I have given everything. I have dedicated myself entirely to being an exemplary Chief executive of the state. I am coming to serve the people and to sacrifice everything to make Imo the most successful black state in the world.”


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