Insecurity in Biafraland and the Liberation of Africa from Colonial Enslavement

Date: [Tuesday, August 8, 2023]

The Biafra De Facto Customary Government (BDFCG), representing the interest of Biafra People, is deeply concerned about the escalating cases of kidnapping as well as economic strangulation across Biafraland. It is most bizarre that people elected into public offices to guarantee security and welfare of the ordinary people have abandoned this primary responsibility in pursuit of self interest.

BDFCG strongly condemns the insensitivity of those in positions of authority who have failed to provide the people with quality standard of living as well as building modern cities in Biafraland. We want to restate that it is not rocket science to optimize the abundant human and material resources abound in Biafraland to make all our dear people happy including providing 21st century security of lives and property.

Biafraland has recently experienced a surge in violent attacks, including violent enforcement of Sit-at-home, kidnapping, armed robbery, cult war , political assassination etc, which have resulted in the loss of innocent lives and destruction of property. These acts of violence are detrimental to the region’s stability, economic growth, and the overall well-being of our people. The De Facto Customary Government of Biafra, under the Chancellorship of Dr. Emeka Okeadu, condemns these acts in the strongest possible terms. We firmly believe that any grievances or concerns should be addressed through peaceful, inclusive, and lawful means. Resorting to violence and criminal activities not only endangers innocent lives but also impedes the region’s development and hampers the pursuit of lasting solutions to the challenges faced by the people.

We, therefore, call on all relevant stakeholders, state governments in the former Eastern Nigeria, security agencies, community leaders, and civil society organizations, to work collaboratively in addressing the root causes of insecurity in Biafraland. This should include:

1. Strengthening security measures: The government and security agencies should enhance intelligence gathering, improve border control, and effectively respond to security threats to protect lives and property.

2. Dialogue and engagement: Efforts should be made to foster dialogue and constructive engagement with all concerned parties to address grievances, promote understanding, and explore peaceful resolutions to the region’s challenges.

3. Community involvement: Communities should be actively engaged in the promotion of peace and security, through initiatives such as community policing, neighborhood watch programs, and information sharing with security agencies.

4. Socioeconomic development: Investments in education, job creation, investment in food production ,infrastructural development, and social welfare programs should be prioritized to address the underlying socio-economic issues that contribute to insecurity.

5. Justice and accountability: Perpetrators of crimes, regardless of their affiliations, should be brought to justice through fair and transparent legal processes. The rule of law must prevail to ensure justice, deterrence, and the restoration of public confidence.

Furthermore, we recognize that Africa ,as a whole, continues to grapple with the remnants of colonialism, which have had far-reaching effects on its political, economic, and social structures. Coup d’etat in Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso and most recently Niger remains attendant consequences of the still lingering challenges that hinder the continent’s full emancipation from the vestiges of its colonial past.

We believe that true liberation requires comprehensive efforts to address not only political independence but also economic empowerment, social justice, and the promotion of African cultural heritage. It is imperative that African nations strengthen their economic systems, and foster intra-continental trade and cooperation. By doing so, Africa can leverage its abundant resources, talents, and potential to achieve sustainable development and lift its people out of poverty.

Therefore, BDFCG endorses sincere efforts to liberate any part of Africa from Colonial strongholds. The recent coup in Niger, if welcomed by the people of Niger, must be given a chance.

Finally, as we pursue self-determination agenda for the people of former Eastern Nigeria, it is our belief that the power of the people is supreme, hence our determination to toe the path of rule of law and democratic process to reach our destination as a people.

Prosper Odinga
Spokesperson, BDFCG

Phone no:+1917 346 5419

Email –


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