The Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB is currently battling to stop the authorities of the United Kingdom from deporting it’s member Mr Victor Ugochukwu Enuobi to Nigeria.

Enuobi who is the Deputy Coordinator of IPOB in Kent was sentenced to thirty years imprisonment for the sale of tobacco without license had served out his jail term. He has the option to remain in UK but there is pressure on the government to deport him.

According to Mr Anderson Okeke who spoke to reporters in Awka ,”there is no point deporting him since he has served out his jail term but there is growing pressure on UK government to deport him and we are suspecting the remote hands of the Nigerian government.

Okeke alleged that once Ugochukwu is deported to Nigeria the security operatives in Nigeria would arrest him and then you all know what would happen to him.

We learnt that IPOB has written the government in the United Kingdom not to deport him because his life is at risk and no one can tell what would become of his fate.

Mr Victor Ugochukwu Enuobi, Kent Deputy Coordinator of proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra hereafter IPOB and manager of Biafran Football UK has looming case of deportation hanging on his neck we learnt from a reliable source.

Except something is done urgently Mr Enuobi may be ushered into the waiting hands of the Department of State Security in Nigeria by the UK.

He is also not alone in this plot to deport our members because about thirteen of them are under this condition and these people are very loyal members that have been neck deep in this struggle and some were with our leader Nnamdi Kanu before he was kidnapped by the Nigerian government; he said.



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