.Uche Mefor , the Deputy to Nnamdi Kanu, has severed his ties with the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB after he was described as a traitor, saboteur and evicted from the private company known as Radio Biafra.

Uche Mefor, who has been Nnamdi Kanu’s co-traveler in his brainwashing, lying and blackmailing empire, is now crying blue murder after the same card he has been playing on innocent people has been served to him alleging that he has been used as a “Mugu”.

Mefor, in a zoom meeting with a yet to be identified group said his ousting from the private company; Radio Biafra is “the highest humiliation and insult on his person” stressing that he invested his time into researching about internet radio when it wasn’t yet popular.

“I worked for this thing for almost one year. When I was researching on this as far back as 2012-2013, internet radio wasn’t popular and nobody hears about it and it was so difficult to research. I set this up and today, somebody somewhere, I don’t know how many they are, is trying to tell me that I’m a mugu”.

Mefor went ahead to announce the formation of his own internet radio; Biafra Human Rights Radio (BHRA) insisting that; “Nobody can stop me from broadcasting on radio and talking to our people. I have been blackmailed, humiliated in so many ways.”

The disgraced deputy leader of the rogue organization enumerated how he was accused of selling the mobile APP of Radio Biafra even when he (Nnamdi Kanu) is in contact with the host company of Radio Biafra and understands what was going on with the APP.

“When Nnamdi Kanu contacted me to reconfigure both Radio Biafra and Biafra community radio to be in sync, I refused because I was removed immediately i did the first configuration. I gave him the details of the host company so that he can contact them and also told the company that Nnamdi Kanu will contact them which he did because the company told me he did.

“He was in contact with them and went on radio and was shouting that Radio Biafra APP has been sold, that the zoo has taken over radio Biafra, making reference to me”.

Mefor, who has been instrumental in the blackmail and exit of some other genuine Biafran from the organization wondered why he could be blackmailed in the manner the outlawed organization is doing currently despite on the prayers for Biafra.

“How can I be blackmailed in this way? We are praying on air, we are praying to God and at the same time, lying over the whole thing and lying to the same God we are praying to help us.”

Uche Mefor also threatened not to stop broadcasting via his new radio station.

“I will broadcast on a platform, I will speak to our people and I will air my views and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Biafra Human Rights Radio has come to stay. The only way, if ever, the radio will come down is if IPOB community radio is down and we now have access to radio Biafra which nothing happened to.”

Source: journalist 101


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