The communication gap between the Political Leaders and the ordinary people has reached the point of distrust. In the past few years,no State Actor has made a deliberate attempt to narrow the widening gap. Some of us saw it coming ! I have written more than 100 articles on social media about the events of today. Those in Government see criticism as handiwork of opposition parties without paying the needed attention .

The implementation of public policies has failed woefully .Common wealth is no longer evenly distributed but exclusive reserve of first families to decide who to give ,how to give and when to give. Government is now for praise singers and Political Party in Government. The ordinary people no longer expect anything from Government. You virtually have to beg for everything. Having access to a Governor or a Senator or even a Gubernatorial Aspirant is like booking appointment to see Pope! Public Offices have become very lucrative that everybody fights for a space.

Few days ago ,I walked the street of a major city ,about the time school children were coming from School. I saw so many of the school children walking home under excruciating heat. I stood one place to ponder the future of these innocent children strolling home after a tough day in School. The system has kept them busy for 2 years in nursery school ,at their parents expense. 5 or 6 years in primary school ,again at their parents expense. Another 6 years in the secondary school and 4 – 7 years in the university all at their parents expenses .At least ,for 18 years ,they will be busy in school reading how to be good slaves, no thanks to our copy and paste education system!.After 18 years of reading to acquire certificates ,these young people will realize that nobody is planning for their future after all.

The children of top political Leaders are all in foreign countries. Millions of graduates are presently on the street trying to survive. They see ,they read everyday how our politicians use Nigerian fraudulent constitution to steal our Commonwealth with impunity . They see how bad people are rewarded while good and hardworking people are exploited by the State in the name of all kinds of taxes.

Good or bad ,social media has exposed a lot of hidden secrets ! Anybody can create Facebook account to narrate some story lines . Over the years ,I have stated that we are headed to the slaughter house if Government at all levels did not reverse the ugly trend ,at least by telling the people home truth. By holding periodic town hall meetings to explain government programs to the people and give listening ears to the people ,that way ,people becomes part of the government.

What is wrong with engaging the Biafra agitators in a town hall meeting ? What is wrong in engaging all those criticizing the policies of government in a town hall meetings ? What is wrong in organising meeting between the ruling party and opposition parties? What is wrong in discussing with all the ethnic groups in Nigeria? It is the absence of Government sincerity ,that is causing the present frustration and anger everywhere! It is the insensitivity of our judicial process and justice delivery methodology that is creating certain tension. Injustice is everywhere including inside the church and I do hope that it is not yet late for us to make the needed amendment.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu writes from Awka


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