Am compelled by my call to war against SIN and IGNORANCE to present this counsel to my brother Nnamdi Kanu.first and (especially) to the horde of young people (and even older ones) who are held spell-bound, Indoctrinated,bamboozled,hypnotized and bewitched by the infantile and unreasonable talk on Radio Biafra. In the year 2000(one year after it’s formation) after studying what MASSOB was doing in the name of Biafra’s restoration, I wrote a newspaper article title: MASSOB: WHEN BIAFRA BECOMES AN OPIUM,in which I argued that the group was too privatized,too much creation of a cult firgure,to make any serious impact! Twenty years after,am justified! AGITATION FOR FREEDOM WITHOUT POLITICAL PARTICIPATION IS NOISE-MAKING FRUSTRATION!!! However,my concern today is SPIRITUAL.


Anyone who does not agree that on the political,diplomatic and ethical plains,it would not be possible for Nnamdi to succeed,should carefully reason about what I want to present now. It is my way of trying to save the souls of Mazi Kanu and those who have chosen to call him both Messiah and Supreme Leader. Kanu has right to drag as many people as he choses into damnation! He could say anything about political,religious and traditional leaders in Nigeria as he likes. He can say unprintable words about his fellow Biafrans – Uwazuruike, Tony Nnadi, Emeka Emekesri,Asari Dukubo etc – as he wishes. But there is one person that he talks about that makes me know that he has put the last nail on his funaral casket; that he has corked a gun shot himself to pieces and that he is suffering from a delusion of grandeur! THAT PERSON IS JESUS CHRIST,THE WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE; FOR WHO,IN WHO AND BY WHO ALL THINGS WERE MADE,IN WHOSE NAME ALL KNEES MUST BOW… Take these examples: one,Kanu said, to use his exact words, that it was ‘the demon Jesus’ that told Pastor W.F.Kumuyi to kill his wife and marry another woman. Two, Kanu had said that anyone following jesus cannot follow him! AND I ASKED MYSELF…NNA ESI BE GI A GA EBEE? Three, and then on 26th october,2020,he said the reason why BIAFRA lost the war of 1967-70 was because the soldiers were singing ‘…in the name of jesus,we shall conquer’ and that in the war which he said would begin the next day,when the army sings ‘…in the name of chukwuokike Abiama’, they would win!!! Am not going to fight for Jesus! He is God! He can and will defend Himself!

But am worried that precious souls are being force-marched to hell by deception and deceit,false teaching and preaching! The second reason why I am harping on the God-factor is because my personal walk with Jesus Christ has shown me that He works. In Him, every human loss is recoverable. He is the fountain-head of all wisdom, the Commander-in-Chief of the invisible armies of Heaven. If you deny Him, you would return to Him later. If you put Him on the stakes, He would defend His name. If you puff-up too much, He would remind you that He is Omnipotent. Take these examples: One, a French poet and philosopher, Francoios Marie Aoued (1694-1778), popularly known as Voltaire, a deist yet a fierce opponent of organized Christian religion, once boasted that by the time he finishes with the Bible, there would be none left. Today in one of his houses in Paris, the Bible is being produced in many languages. Two, those who built the world’s biggest ship, the Titanic, boasted that not even Jesus Christ can sink it. Yet, the massive TITANIC sank in its first voyage after it struck (wait for this!) an iceberg! at exactly 2.20 a.m. 12th April, 1912, killing 1517 people! Three, in 1986 at an international Airport, journalists cornered the last Soviet Leader, Mikhail Gorbachev and asked him about the future of the USSR (the then largest country in the world) following the crises rocking the union that time. Gorbachev opened his mouth and said, “the cord holding the Soviet Union is so strong that not even Jesus Christ can break it”! And just 3 years later, 1989, the Soviet Union broke up into 15 countries and on Christmas Day, December 25, 1991, Gorbachev met at Minsk with the Presidents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (all 3 former Soviet Republics) to sign a document that states “the USSR as a subject of international law and a geo-political entity ceases to exist”! Who wants to boast against His Creator, the one that has “all powers in heaven and on earth” (Matt. 28:18)? Four, do we remember the best-selling rock band in history, the Beatles? Formed in 1960 and led by John Lennon, the Beatles were said to have sold over 800 million records worldwide between 1960 and 1963. Having risen to stardom, Lennon boasted that they had become more popular than Jesus Christ. Mr. Lennon walked away from the group in the same year of the boast—1969. Paul McCarthy, another member, walked away on April 10, 1970. And on December 8, 1980, Lennon was shot dead by a fan, who claimed he loved him so much, and didn’t know how else to express it, except to kill him!

Mazi can talk what you want but please,don’t mess up with Jesus. He is holding the breathe that you breath! He can still have mercy on you if you repent and return to Him. Time is running out… Up from the grave HE AROSE…! Where is the crazy German that boasted he would run a dynasty that would last a thousand years(Hitler)? Where is the Italian clown that said he would stop and restart the calender with his ascendance to power(Musolini)? What happened to the empire that Stalin built for about 3 decades without Jesus? Do you remember Rev. Jim Jones,who made about a thousand people drink acid and die on a single day in Guyana, Indianapolis on November 18,1978 because they followed his idealism of a better world? Are Biafran youths not committing spiritual,social and mental suicide with the way they sheepishly think that Biafra would become independent by reiteration, sloganizing,propaganda,wishing and noise-making? BIAFRAN YOUTHS,PLEASE, WRITE THIS DOWN: MAKING NOISE ON RADIO WOULD NOT SECURE BIAFRA EVEN AFTER THE YEAR 3000.We have processes to follow.

Check the structure of the world order and plan what to do. When am ready,we shall discuss it. Today I only want to counsel Kanu and his fellow IPOBians that JESUS CHRIST is not their classmate! And that even among classmates,there are PREFECT.nwa nza rijuo afo,o chere chi ya aka mgba!!! Wisdom is profitable to direct. Thanks and God bless you if you believe this Godly counsel.


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