Just In: Enugu State Agricultural Development Programme Commences Registration of Cassava Farmers in Enugu State

Enugu State Agricultural Development Programme (ENADEP) has commenced the registration of cassava farmers in Enugu State, aiming to establish a comprehensive database of cassava farmers, their farm sizes, and the qualities of cassava they produce. This initiative comes in response to the recent government policy announced by Enugu State to increase cassava production and cultivate approximately 100,000 hectares of cassava farms, leveraging the state’s comparative advantage in cassava production.
To ensure a thorough registration process, ENADEP has partnered with the Enugu State Farmers Association Forum, which serves as an umbrella association for farmers in the state. The registration exercise also involves the validation of farmers who are already registered with the Cassava Growers Association in Enugu State. By capturing essential data about cassava farmers, this initiative aims to provide valuable information for both government and private investors for planning and investment decisions in the agricultural sector.
Farmers are encouraged to register through various channels, including online registration, visiting the ENADEP Office, or reaching out to ENADEP Zonal Offices. This multi-faceted approach ensures accessibility and convenience for farmers across the state.
During a recent meeting, key stakeholders including Dr. Ogbonna Onyeisi, the Programme Manager of ENADEP, Chief Eddy Ugwu, the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Hon. Giovanni Madubuaku, the President of Enugu State Farmers Associations Forum, discussed the registration process. It was agreed that the registered farmers would receive training on the production of organic fertilizers using locally available ingredients. This training, launched last year by Southfield Agro Network and ENADEP, will be conducted in all 17 Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Enugu State. The aim is to empower farmers to produce their own organic fertilizers, reducing production costs and increasing the export value of agricultural products from Enugu State.
Following the registration, the ENADEP team will proceed with physical verification of the farms, acquiring GPS coordinates to accurately locate and assess the registered cassava farms. This verification process will aid in determining the quantity of cassava and other agricultural products available in the state, facilitating effective planning for both local consumption and export purposes.
Farmers are strongly urged to participate in the registration process to ensure their inclusion in the database. Registration will enable the government to understand the number of farmers in the state and address their specific needs effectively.
For further inquiries, interested individuals can contact the correspondent through the provided phone numbers (234 7030242275/08032360644/08037893040). Online registration can also be completed through the official website: https://form.enugucassavafarmers.online.
By establishing a comprehensive database of cassava farmers and providing training on organic fertilizer production, the Enugu State Agricultural Development Programme aims to strengthen the agricultural sector, boost productivity, and encourage investment opportunities in Enugu State’s cassava industry.


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