This is the time for all of us to take objective decision. Pass vote of no confidence on Tinubu Administration now!

Nigeria politicians are among the worst world over. Like in Animal Farm , they consider the ordinary Nigerians as animals in their farm . They are so insensitive that they care less of the basic needs the ordinary people require to survive on daily basis. But , shamelessly,they accumulate wealth for their children generations  ,moving around with retinue of personal assistance and security guards. The Nigeria constitution has legalized criminals in political power, they have immunity to steal as many billions of naira as they desire without accounting to the public . They are infact demigods!

Nigeria Politicians in Executive arm of government have pocketed two other arms in their pockets with enormous resources at their disposals. They have divided the oppositions and weaponized the masses with the instrument of poverty. A country where about 110 million youths are unemployed is heading towards slaughter house!

President Tinubu is not serious ! He has no plans to improve the standard of living for the poor Nigerians. If he has , there are many things to be done to redistribute the enormous resources in Nigeria. One of them is using National identification Numbers to induce consumption, savings and investment. This is what is done elsewhere . Politicians have excess money to steal because of ignorant of the Masses in animal farm. In Uk,Children are paid £102 monthly (N188k) just for being children. If you were working but stopped, Ireland pay €232 weekly as job seeker’s allowances. A month is €928 (N1.41m) for being jobless! That is the meaning of ‘distribution of common wealth’. These are countries that do not have what Nigeria has in terms of natural resources. What they mostly have is good leadership and people-oriented policies.

Meanwhile, in these difficult times, apart from wardrobe allowances and other luxuries, our senators receive N1.2m monthly as newspaper allowances. Is this not demonic corruption?

You will never understand how wicked Nigerian political class are, if you don’t travel abroad to normal countries with normal leaders.That is why Nigerians in diaspora are angrier than our compatriots back home. They have seen both sides of the world and they know that Nigeria is directly opposite of what happens in normal societies.

Sadly, those back home seem to have conditioned themselves to the uncommon hardship. They only complain online .

Only a massive revolution will reset Nigeria when Nigerians are ready to take back their country.


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