The ongoing 4 million march  for ‘OBIDATTI’ in Lagos is unprecedented and the crowd are beyond what the organisers anticipated . Security agents ,agberos (touts) , Area boys, security forces have joined the peaceful rally, singing and dancing in solidarity.

Various groups are advancing in large numbers from all the 51 local government areas and local council development areas in Lagos State.

The group from the National Stadium in Surulere is advancing towards Maryland part of the state.The group from Lekki , island is advancing towards national stadium.

A leading member of the organising committee, Barrister Promise Adewusi said:

“The rally is massive and peaceful. The police and soldiers have been so friendly with some joining in the singing.

No ugly incident so far, we hope there won’t be any. We’ve gone past Ojuelegba, approaching Fadeyi from the National Stadium to terminate at Maryland. It’s been so orderly with agberos, drivers and passengers who have to endure slight inconveniences passing through the crowd hailing, applauding, shouting that they are tired of eating agbado (corn).
Our police escorts have had virtually no work to do as the mass movement of the people is so peaceful and orderly.”


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