The leader of Biafran Nations Youth League Prince Obuka Chimezie has demanded the immediate and unconditional release of one of his members Cosmos Oto Obong, who he accused the DSS operatives of abducting the young man.
Speaking to BVI Channel he said that Cosmos George Oto Obong is from Ikono in Akwa Ibom but grew up in Port Harcourt, a strong BNYL ally. He was endorsed by the Ibibio Nation who gathered in Eket during BNYL last year to speak for them on Biafra National Affairs. 41 years of age who has done a alot for Biafra, having organised the Ibibio to come up with an MOU, his recent book on the recent agitation and release of Nnamdi Kanu and his audio messages so far.
He came down from London to base in Port Harcourt as a result of the struggle.
My last trip to Uyo, we returned to Port Harcourt together. He got missing after 20th Trump rally, but information i got from his office today says unknown armed men invaded his residence and whisked him away. I have not rested as i keep receiving calls from Akwa Ibom.
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