1.Nigerian Ambassador seek help to prosecute human traffickers

2.5,000 Nigerians evacuated from Libya in six months – Dabiri-Erewa 

3.Jobs, stable power supply will keep them home – Nigerian community 

4.President Muhammadu Buhari, in Abidjan, Cote d’ Ivoire, has finally spoken on the vexed issue of allegations that hundreds of African refugees and migrants passing through Libya were being bought and sold to modern-day slave markets.

BVI Channel Comment

1.Many of the Nigeria Government Officials working in different embassies are most wicked and insincere.Many of them do not care about the welfare of Nigerians in their host countries.Many Nigerians prefer dying in the desert than being frustrated at home without anybody to care for them.

2.If 5000 Nigerians could be evacuated from Libya alone ,how many Nigerians are in other African Countries? Perhaps ,millions! Why is Nigerians running away from home? Running away from the political criminals? BVI Channel 1 believes that the cabal in political power are very few people with large pockets and very high propensity to consume.Therefore,instead of taking risk to die on the high sea,it is better to fight at home.Nigeria is practicing democracy and with the power of ballot and voters card,all the political criminals will be sent to early retirement for young,dynamic ,purposeful and visionary Leadership. BVI Channel 1 believes that this is achievable with the right people at the helm of affairs.

3. For Govt to talk about job creation,every Nigerian has to be captured on a biometric identification platform and only then shall we begin to talk of real job creation and not political job.

4. About 110 million Nigerians are slaves.There are corporate slaves everywhere in Nigeria,domestic slaves,Government slaves,religious slaves etc.Because there is weak institutions in Nigeria,the ‘Oga’ on top will always have his way .

Ndubuisi reports for BVI Channel 1


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