Our attention has been drawn to a release credited to Mr Ben Obide, where he has denied membership of the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN).

In the same statement, Obide has also claimed that he was nominated into the United Progressive Party Anambra State Working Committee under the Bilie Human Rights Initiative. He also affirmed support for guber aspirant, Chief Osita Chidoka, while denouncing MOBIN’S pulling out of the UPP.

For clarity sake, let it be known to the General Public that Mr Ben Obide was nominated to represent MOBIN in the Anambra State UPP Working Committee according to the terms of agreement reached with the National Leadership of the party to work with Biafrans.

Let it also be on record that Obide was not nominated on the platform of the BHRI because BHRI is the human rights wing of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) It’s members are not supposed to play politics, except under MOBIN, which is the political arm of the struggle.

He however, has a right to remain in the UPP based on personal conviction, but he need not lie about it to remain politically correct.

Also be aware that MOBIN has no representation in UPP at the moment since the pullout is total.

For the avoidance of doubt, be aware that MOBIN pulled out of UPP because of the many shady deals which Biafrans refuse to identify with. MOBIN has nothing against the person of Chief Osita Chidoka and would readily support him in his quest for Anambra governorship, but the UPP is a corrupt party, and remaining in it while agitating for Biafra will be tantamount to jumping from frying pan to fire.

MOBIN wishes to reassure Biafrans that the political process has been activated and there is no going back on the political option.

Once again, we encourage Biafrans to be calm while discussions are still on top gear and the right alternative will be unveiled in no distant time.


ThankGod Ofoelue,

Director of Media and Mobilization,
All correspondence to mobinbiafra@protonmail.com, mobinbiafra@gmail.com


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