The Catalans are Spanish citizens.
The Scotts are British citizens.
The Northern Irish are British citizens.
They all vote in Spanish or British elections despite their wish to become independent and they are successful in holding referendums for or against it, several times. WHY?
Because they vote POLITICIANS who work in THEIR interests and don’t follow stupid leaders who shout “Don’t vote!” In fact, they don’t have such stupid leaders.

But Biafrans?….. Biafrans get insistently warned not to register for election in Nigeria. WHY?
Because they have such stupid leaders who shout from the roof tops ” We don’t vote because we are Biafrans and not Nigerians.” And later, the same people shall lament that nobody is working in their interests and all politicians are their enemies.
They should give us just one good reason, just ONE or shut up for good.


  1. They are people in an organized society unlike in Nigeria were elections are not held but appointments are made in the name election


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