Good Governance Ministry (GGM) is open for ideas on the best ways to organise and direct our people to play politics of ideas as against money politics. Of course ,no organisation can function efficiently and effectively without adequate funding . Organisations are funded through members dues ,proceeds from sale of materials and donations. Several millions of naira have been raised for sick and disadvantaged in our society as humanitarian assistance, many who were not registered members of GGM .

Today ,I got a call from one of our supporters in Diaspora . He told me that Chinedu Asuzu has done what many could not do and that Chinedu has functioned more and better than most of the people appointed as Commissioners under Soludo . My Caller was referring to a video where Chinedu was controlling traffic in the night exposing his young life to danger ,ready to take bullet for our sake without anybody paying him monthly allowance. He wondered why Soludo has not invited Chinedu for negotiation.

My response to him is simple : GGM is on divine mission ,and our mission does not include allowing our Leader to work under Soludo . I told him that GGM will set a parallel system that will ensure that those in Government function efficiently until GGM is ready to take over Government . We are not in a hurry. He got the message that we are not hungry- we are ideologically driven .We are not looking for appointment. We will create our own wealth to serve humanity.

We will ensure that Soludo succeeds .For now,Soludo is GGM model for Good Governance but we don’t expect him to perform miracle . The damage and confusion are so deep-rooted that it will take a first class head to navigate to success . Soludo is here to lay the foundation for our future.

As I was going out today to monitor the events on the street of awka ,I saw Dr Onyeka Ibezi – the Deputy Governor on the street supervising the agency in charge of waste disposal . I noticed Soludo effect – the Deputy Governor was dressed for work and was moving with the ordinary workers . I instantly confirmed that visionary Leadership changes people altitude to work .

What is your own  experience today?

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu ,GGM


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