They have killed so many important people and Christians and Nigerians moved on as if nothing was wrong . Nigeria is evil entity , there is evil power struggle in Nigeria with the ordinary people being used as pawn in political chess game . We should play smart always .

When Goodluck became president after YarAdua Jnr died in 2010, he picked Namadi Sambo who was then Governor of Kaduna state to be vice president.

As governor of Kaduna state Namadi Sambo chose Patrick Yakowa as his Deputy Governor. Naturally when Namadi Sambo became VP, Yakowa became Governor of Kaduna State. He was the first Christian to be Governor of Kaduna state, civilian or military.

It was not acceptable to the evil owners of Nigerian. They did not forgive Namadi Sambo or Yakowa.

They made sure that after being VP, Namadi Sambo never became anything else in Nigeria and they ensured that Yakowa did not leave office alive.

When Colonel Ayuba was made military Governor of Kaduna by military President, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, Ayuba had to convert from Christianity to Islam before they allowed him to be Governor of Kaduna state.

After Yakowa completed Sambo’s tenure and contested in 2011, the evil men were determined to ensure that Yakowa was removed. They directed their street boys to rise up and cause trouble to remove Yakowa even before the election.

Unfortunately for them, one John Haruna was CP Kaduna. He was also determined to ensure that lawless people did not seize Kaduna. He got approval to deal with the street boys and he did.

Yakowa was elected. Goodluck was also elected in 2011. Gen Aziza became National Security Adviser and John Haruna became DIG operations, the most powerful DIG in the police.

The Fulani problems in Plateau State began to intensify around that time and Boko Haram began their trouble and Haruna was in the forefront of fighting them under General Aziza.

The day he died he took off in a police helicopter enroute to Jos with his traditional AK 47 by his side. The helicopter blew up shortly after take off. No report of any enquiry on it was ever published.

Shortly thereafter one Oronto Douglas lost his father. Oronto was a special adviser to Goodluck Jonathan who followed Goodluck from bayelsa.

Yakowa traveled in Aziza’s military helicopter to attend that burial in a village in Bayelsa state.

After the burial they took off in the helicopter to return to Abuja. The helicopter blew up shortly after take off.

Amaechi reported on national TV that eye witness told him the helicopter did not crash but blew up in the sky.

These guys removed Yakowa, General Aziza and DIG Haruna in a short movement and Goodluck Jonathan did nothing.

He kept quiet when the two most important security men he had in his security architecture were eliminated mysteriously while Boko Haram was gathering all the weapons left behind in the war in Libya to wage war in nigeria and Buhari, El-Rufai and Tinubu were busy arranging Fulani fighters into Nigeria to use to remove good luck; the man sat in Aso Rock cavorting with loose people.
They surrounded him with Boko Haram and Fulani fighters expelled from central Africa republic, some from Senegal, Mauritania, mali and North Africa.

Goodluck did nothing even though he knew that trouble was coming until Buhari won and APC admitted their role in importing Fulani killers to occupy Nigerian aboriginal land as openly confessed by APC’s National Chairman then, Alhaji Baraje.

Even when General Attahiru became Chief Of Army Staff in the army he was determined to end Boko Haram. He had a blue print which he designed to end the madness. They knew that without Boko Haram they would not steal the money they stole from govt as security allocation.

They killed him before he could take one step by blowing up his plane. Till date no public report of what caused that crash.

Nigeria lost these security experts and their vehicles as if nothing occured.

Also, we just went on as if nothing happened!
Wonderful People. Wonderful Nation!

Read and ponder!

Biafra De Facto Customary Government (BDFCG)


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