Good Governance Ministry has advised Nigeria Politicians including the Presidency to stop deceiving Nigerians. In short message released by the group and posted on her Twitter page ,the group advised President Tinubu to pay cash award of N200,000 monthly to all Nigeria workers both in Federal ,State and Private employment . The cash award should be paid immediately and for a period of 6 months . Also ,all the unemployed adults from the age of 18 should be paid social security package of N50,000 monthly . This payment will be done through National identification numbers and should be done immediately. GGM believes that timely execution of this policy will assist to achieve even and equitable distribution of windfalls from the removal of oil subsidy, end people suffering and increase people purchasing power to keep the domestic market afloat . However ,GGM noted that this is short term measure .

In a medium term period ,the Country should be returned to true federal system as promoted by President Tinubu and Afenifere during military era. Nigeria is the only federation where the resources are shared from the centre and that is why the Country has not progressed. GGM stands for a restructured Nigeria anchored on true federalism based on Regional / State Autonomy.

GGM advises that no multi-ethnic Nation can thrive under a political structure and culture that concentrate power and functions at the centre.

GGM therefore insists that the resources of Nigeria must be evenly distributed to create happiness and economic prosperity.


This statement was signed by Ndubuisi Anaenugwu for Good Governance Ministry


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