I love Igbos but I have to tell them the truth because I love them.

It is now a law to transmit votes electronically, that means rigging of elections has been reduced drastically.

Igbos are only tribe that have 99% of voters in the South East and second highest voters in other regions in Nigeria.

In the South West, after Yoruba votes, Igbo votes come second. Lagos has the highest number of voters in Nigeria and Igbos are competing with Yorubas in voting power in Lagos.

In the South South, we have indigenous Igbos in the South South and all the major cities in the South South are occupied by Igbos. Go to Port Harcourt you will understand what I mean.

In the North Central, go to Jos and all the state capital in the North Central, Igbos are the second largest population after the indigenous people.

In the North West, go to Kano and Kaduna and you will know that Igbos are the second largest population after indigenous people.

In the North East, go to Maiduguri and all the state capitals, Igbos are the second largest tribe after the indigenous people.

Go to federal capital territory Abuja, Igbos are the largest population in Abuja today.

If Igbos truly want to determine who will rule this country today, they will but they only sit back and lament without any action.

Go and get your PVC today!!!



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