A group of Niger Delta Elders, under the aegis of Pan-Niger Delta People’s Congress (PNDPC), have established contacts with the leadership the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) over the threat of renewed hostilities and bombing of oil facilities in the region.

 The NDA, through its spokesman, General Murdoch Agbinibo, had declared that the militants would resume hostilities in the Niger Delta region with “Operation Red Economy,” which is targeted to cripple the country’s economy over the foot-dragging of the Federal Government in the peace process in the region.

 The threat by NDA is said to have set alarm bells ringing in security circles in the Niger Delta region, prompting some concerned security officials to reach out to influential elders to talk to the militants.

The media coordinator of the PNDPC, Olorogun Monday Whiskey, confirmed that the elders had reached out to the leadership of the NDA, soliciting that they consider sustaining the existing peace in the region by embracing dialogue with the Federal Government.

 Whiskey, who explained that the people of the region are having sleepless night over the threat by the NDA, said the overtures made to the militants was being looked into by the High Command of the NDA

“We reached out to them and prevailed on them that dialogue is the best option. We also told them that we believe in equity, justice and fair play. We believe the APC-led Federal Government should not create room for questionable characters to negotiate, based on selfish notion for the people of the region. The Niger Delta Avengers should be reasonable in their threats and the Federal Government should also be proactive on the issues of the region. We also told the Niger Delta Avengers to be reasonable and that 24 hours is not enough to resolve the demands they have made on Federal Government. We believe that the contentious issues of the region need time to be resolved. The Federal Government should give peace a chance and treat all sections of the country equally,” he said.

A source within the NDA said the militants are studying the appeal from the Niger Delta elders and would come up with a position after a crucial meeting with its commanders.

The source said oil communities are backing the NDA over its planned operation because of the attempt by some influential politicians from the Niger Delta region to hijack the oil pipeline surveillance contracts.

source :Daily Sun


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