The Nigeria system has failed us . Government ordinarily organizes the factors of production to optimize societal happiness. Government makes profit when the majority of people are happy.

In Nigeria,those in Government join forces with business and church leaders to exploit the ordinary people. The faulty Nigeria Constitution in Section 14 provides that Government must ensure the security and welfare of her citizens are given maximum attention. Unfortunately,the same constitution did not provide a sanctionable clause for those in Government who fail to ensure that the citizens’ security and welfare are provided . Therefore ,section 14 is not enforceable and that is why the President or the Governor is not bothered when 20 innocent souls are massacred or when millions of people are jobless

GGM Cooperative is here to organize the people to maximize their happiness and this will be done by showing people economic direction, which end is economic freedom.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is an Economist and the President of GGM Cooperative


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