Nigerian Lady Breaks Record for the Longest Cooking Time by an Individual

Beats Lata Tondon Record To Create New Guinness World Record

‪Nigerian Chef Hilda Baci has beaten Chef Lata Tondon to create a new Guinness World Record for longest cooking marathon.

It was gathered that Chef Lata Tondon of India was called the “Iron Lady” when she cooked for 87 hours and 45 minutes in 2019 surpassing the previous record by 20 hours.

However, Hilda Baci from Akwa Ibom State, who started cooking on Friday, May 11, 2023 in an attempt to break the record set by Chef Lata, has made headway.

The Nigerian chef broke the record on Monday morning, May 15, 2023.

Though Chef Hilda Baci has broken Chef Lara Tondon’s 87 hours, 45 minutes record, she has continued cooking as she intends to set a personal record of 96 hours. She will complete this at 4pm Nigerian time (16:00 GMT).



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