I have said it countless time that Nnamdi Kanu, the fugitive leader of the proscribed group, IPOB can never restore Biafra. In fact, I’m 150% sure that Kanu and his legions of thugs (followers) lacks what it takes to make Biafra a reality. This is a scientific statement and not a mere hypothetical rhetoric. In 2015, when many of us thought that the voice barking on the malicious radio had something different to offer, little did we know that it was another bunch of confidence trickster scrambling to gain fame and money
Kanu has become a big setback that will be forever remembered in Igbo land. He came to destroy, divide and plant a seed of hatred and bitterness in the minds of our people. Through his toxic sermon on his franchise radio, he has damaged and reduced many Igbo youths to mere miscreants who can hardly articulate ABCD without throwing unprintable abuses

Lies have been the trademark of the fugitive leader of IPOB. Kanu and his obnoxious radio can’t survive a minute without lies. Lies is the air he breathes and the food he eats. Anyday he stops spitting lies, his IPOB empire will crash and automatically, he will nosedive into extinction without anyone even remembering that a conman like him once existed. He lied about 40 million ballot papers, referendum, hitech farming and returning to Nigeria with hell. A man that can make one thousand promises in a second but ends up not fulfilling anyone. A dictator with multiple tongues

Since Nnamdi Kanu has seen that there is no headway in his antiquated approach to Biafra question, he is now scavenging for every open option to make peace with the same Igbo leaders he abused on his janjaweed radio. Our people shouldn’t be surprised over the recent news making round that Nnamdi Kanu and some Igbo stakeholders have brokered peace. He is seeking for a soft landing after discovering that his overbearing disposition will only make his stay in exile permanent. So, the only way he can return to his fathers compound is to cry and beg Igbo leaders whom he battered on his malicious radio to forgive him. The resolutions of the peace and reconciliation meeting which was facilitated by Nzuko Ummuna is just a smokescreen. It was designed to sway his gullible followers from what is happening behind closed doors.

The lgbo stakeholders must be very wary of Nnamdi Kanu. He is not a man to be trusted. I can still remember how Kanu boasted to his gullible audience that the Southeast leaders are irrelevant and he can do without them. But today, the same elders he maligned are the ones working assiduously to clean up the mess he littered in every length and breadth of the region. Every right discerning mind that studied the resolutions reached in the meeting Nnamdi Kanu had with the Igbo stakeholders will understand the simple arithmetic therein. The resolutions signifies that Kanu has embraced ‘one Nigeria’ and abandoned the Biafra project he vowed to restore. I’m not against Kanu over his new found road map (one Nigeria) but my problem with him is that he has succeeded in desecrating the name of Biafra on the alter of foolishness and ego

Now that Kanu has accepted defeat, can he allow us to have a breathe of fresh air? The leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra should hide his face in shame. The same elders he thought he could muzzle have humbled him. IPOB members have been deceived and cheated by their lying saviour but will they ever learn anything from his betrayal? Kanu’s followers are like stubborn flies that follows the corpse to the grave.

Southeast stakeholders must not give Nnamdi Kanu any form of soft landing. He must remain in exile until when we have seen genuine repentance in him. Anything short of that is an invite to continue with his dirty antics. Kanu should not be allowed to destroy Ala Igbo completely. He is a confusionist that can do anything to remain relevant.

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is a political analyst, investigative and freelance journalist


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