Uche Mefor, the estranged Deputy-Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Sunday described followers of Nigerian separatist leader, Nnamdi Kanu as “gullible, brainwashed extremists”.

BVI Channel 1 online reports that Mefor’s relationship with Kanu has hit the rocks. This is because Mefor disagreed with the Umuahia, Abia State-born pro-Biafra political activist on the modus operandi of the outlawed organization.

Kanu commands a humongous following in Nigeria’s South-East, and his followers are so crazy about him.

They leap to the defence of Kanu anytime Mefor criticises the IPOB leader.

The more Kanu hides and commissions people to speak on his behalf in order to cover his tracks, the more they open his back,” Mefor wrote on his known Facebook page.

“Isn’t it ridiculously hypocritical that when Kanu blackmails and lies, his gullible, brainwashed extremists hails him as promoting the struggle but when his lies are challenged, then to them it means going against the struggle.

“The question is: is Kanu Biafra? You guys are abysmally irredeemable and to be frank, delusional.”


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