Let us start from what we know for a certain, and from there we get to what we believe and can analyze. I want the reader to understand my process of presentation. We start from the certain truth and continue to the analytical truth, and from there to hypothesis and conjectural truth. It is easy to understand my writing and my presentation.

A certain truth is truth that does not depend on what I think or what you think. It is there for any person with eyes to see. Analytic truth is truth that you get to if you use your mind and connect certain truths. A certain truth requires the use of one of the five senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling by touching). An analytic truth, on the other hand, requires the use of the 6th sense, which is analytic sense. For instance: “2 + 2” (certain truth) “= 4” (analytic truth). You have 2 and 2, which is a certain truth. But what about “= 4”? “2 + 2” is certain truth. You can see the two numbers with your eyes. But you can’t see “=4” with your eyes. It is when you analyze the certain truth “2 + 2” that you will arrive at the other truth (the analytic truth), “=4”. So, “= 4” is analytic truth. So, in understanding the situation with Nnamdi Kanu case and Barrister Ejiofor’s legal problems, we have to combine the certain truth and get to the analytic truth.

(1) “On the 28th of May, 2008, Barrister Ejiofor obtained the sum of N5,600,000 from one Mr. Ikechukwu Okpala under a false pretense”. He defrauded the man. He forged Power of Attorney and Deed of Assignment. Then he tried to use the forged document to steal somebody’s land. Finally, when he was caught, he tried to pay back the money, but he did that fraudulently too, by issuing a dud cheque. These acts exposed Ejiofor to legal jeopardy, which means that he knew in his conscience that he might be caught and if caught, he would be prosecuted, and if prosecuted, he would probably go to prison for up to 15 years. (This is certain truth because it is contained in the Charge pending against Ejiofor in FCT High Court No. 3, Maitama, Abuja).

(2) As a reasonable person would expect, the above actions of Ejiofor were reported to EFCC in 2015. In other words, for 7 years, Ejiofor failed to give Mr. Ikechukwu Okpala back his money (because Ejiofor already “ate” the money and did not have money to pay back). The EFCC arrested Ejiofor, obtained damaging and implicating statements from Ejiofor). And in 2016, the EFCC filed five-counts criminal indictment against Ejiofor. And from that moment, Ejiofor was standing trial for fraud and forgery, with very damaging evidence and admissions from him. (This is a certain truth too).

(3) In the same 2016, Nnamdi Kanu, who was arrested in October of 2015, engaged the services of Ejiofor, not knowing that Ejiofor was facing criminal charges and that Ejiofor had made damaging and self-implicating admissions to the EFCC and was actually begging EFCC for a plea bargain. Also, Ejiofor failed to inform either Nnamdi Kanu or anyone close to him that he (Ejiofor) was at the mercy of the same Nigerian Government and that he might not be able to fight the Government in any case involving treasonable or terrorism charges. (This is also a certain truth).

(4) Between 2016 and present, Ejiofor acted as Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer and as lawyer for IPOB in very sensitive cases where he ought to be fighting the Nigerian government and seeking to hold the government to the tenets of the constitution. In his capacity as Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer, Ejiofor ought to be able to challenge the government without any appearance of fear or favor. (This is also a certain fact, based on our knowledge of the role of a defense lawyer in criminal cases – He fights the government, more so in politically sensitive trials like trials for treason and terrorism).

(5) We also know as a fact that with IPOB proscribed, Ejiofor actually became the only visible representative of IPOB in Nigeria. Nobody else actually could publicly speak for IPOB without risking an arrest since IPOB was proscribed. So, for four years, the only person that could formally answer for IPOB was Ejiofor. He was indeed their operational head. He went beyond the bounds of lawyer’s professional responsibility. It would have been so easy for DSS to indict him for the same offenses he was supposed to be defending IPOB members against. (This is a also a statement of fact).

(1) With the criminal case where Ejiofor was already begging for plea bargain, he could not be free and independent enough to challenge the government on anything serious. You cannot fight against a government you are at its mercy. There is a clear conflict between the interest of Ejiofor (which is to please the government and get a plea bargain for himself) and the interest of Nnamdi Kanu in his criminal defense (which is to challenge the government and defeat the government in court). In normal scenario, this is how a plea bargain discussion goes: Ejiofor would ask the EFCC to give him a plea bargain on favorable terms. The EFCC would ask him: “And what do we get from you in return”? It is possible that Ejiofor would say: “I can help you get Nnamdi Kanu and destroy IPOB”. It is reasonable to know that Ejiofor would rather cooperate with the Government of Nigeria than to fight the Government. (It is analytically sound to believe, therefore, that Ejiofor did what every rational person in his circumstance would do, which was to try everything he could to please and appease the Government of Nigeria and to offer the Government anything he could, including to offer the Government the head of Nnamdi Kanu on a wooden plate).

(2) To present this in a dramatic and easy to understand fashion: The government will squeeze Ejiofor balls and Ejiofor will try to squeeze Nnamdi Kanu’s balls. You don’t get a plea bargain free of charge. You must give something to the government in order to get something in return. What does Ejiofor offer the government for the bargain he is expecting from them?

(3) It is also analytically true that the intelligence used by the Nigerian Government in dealing with Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB involved insider information. It is analytically true that the Nigerian secret service would not have known by themselves the details of Nnamdi Kanu’s movement from UK to Kenya and his movement within Nairobi unless someone gave them help. In fact, after Nnamdi Kanu was brought into Nigeria on June 29, 2021, the Nigerian Attorney General reported that it was as a result of collaborative efforts of partners. He made it clear that they did not do it alone. Who then did they work with? Kenyan Government initially denied any knowledge of the operation. Also, Nnamdi Kanu never revealed publicly that he was in Nairobi. That was information tightly known within the inner circle of IPOB. Who then among IPOB leaders would have a reason to cooperate with the Nigerian Government with such a high prized asset like the arrest of the leader of IPOB?

(4) There are multiple indicators that Nigerian Government could have been working with Ifeanyi Ejiofor. There are indications that Ejiofor was being handled by deep intelligence operators within the Nigerian secret services. Let me suggest some of the indicators:

(a) In December of 2019, Ejiofor was declared wanted by the Nigeria police for the events that lead to the killing of two police officers in Anambra State. The whole world knew that the police declared Ejiofor wanted. But what happened after that? Was Ejiofor ever arrested? Have you ever seen a situation where the police would go to the press and declare a person wanted for killing two senior police officers, and then never follow up? That sounds like some internal intervention. Somebody powerful must have sent a message to the police to say: “We need Ejiofor. He is useful to us. Don’t touch him yet. But gather the evidence you have on the murder case and let’s use it as additional pressure point on him”. Otherwise, please explain to me why Ejiofor would be declared wanted by the police for the death of two police officers and nothing was ever heard about it.

(b) Once IPOB became proscribed, all its activities became illegal under Nigerian law. Yes, Ejiofor is a lawyer and could be said to be acting as a lawyer. But it was clear that Ejiofor was not only a lawyer to IPOB. He was their spokesman. He was in touch not only with Nnamdi Kanu, but other leaders of IPOB. He was receiving money from them. Indeed, IPOB made it possible for Ejiofor to buy new cars, buy new suits, and even build a house. In 2015, Ejiofor was too poor to refund the money of Mr. Ikechukwu Okpala, even when faced with the prospects of arrest and prosecution for fraud. Yet, today the same Ejiofor managed to finance a chieftaincy tittle for himself. He even saw himself able to challenge Emeka Offor and publicly call Emeka Offor an idiot. That was the same Emeka Offor that paid his school fees. So, Ejiofor was not just a lawyer for IPOB. He has been their de facto leader. He used IPOB assets under his command. He would mobilize IPOB youths and use them as body guards to intimidate his village people, which led to the annoyance of Emeka Offor and the involvement of the Nigerian police. Ejiofor also used other tactical and operational assets of IPOB at will. For instance, Ejiofor knew the secret behind the name “Emma Powerful”. He knew that that was only an Alias which many people wrongly believed was a human being in the office of spokesperson for IPOB. Emma Powerful is an alias sold to the world as a real human being. Any of the inner circle of IPOB could make a statement and pass it off as a statement from IPOB spokesperson, Emma Powerful. If you doubt this, tell me who is Emma Powerful. We know others. We know Simon Okpa. We know which country he lives in. He is vocal and active. But do you know Emma Powerful? Have you even seen Emma Powerful? Where does he live? What does he look like? Emma Powerful is just an alias and Ejiofor used that name as he pleased. The fact is that the DSS and NIA operatives know this and that has been part of the scheme. Otherwise, they would have arrested Ejiofor for being an active operator of IPOB.

(c) If you remember well, in early 2020, Rambo of DPA revealed that there were signs that the Nigerian intelligence were actively operating within the IPOB ranks. If you think, you will remember when Rambo argued that IPOB was captured and that an element of its leadership were already under the control of the Nigerian intelligence. Many of you did not understand Rambo. At that time, it was not clear the intelligence handle within the top ranks of IPOB. Now, it is clearer. We now know that a key IPOB figure (its lawyer) has always been at the mercy of the Nigerian intelligence. This is an analytic truth.

(d) While still not able to do anything about the first time Ejiofor was declared wanted, the same Ejiofor got involved in yet another violence in his compound that resulted in what he described as an armed attack or assassination attempt, and it led to the killing of his PA. Ejiofor blamed it on the Nigerian police and claimed it was because he was the lawyer for IPOB. Yet, no arrests, no prosecution. Ejiofor was not even invited by the police to explain what happened in his compound. Why? How could all that be happening? As a former intelligence analyst myself, I could tell immediately that this was not normal.

(f) If you are implicated in killing two police officers (senior officers), you know that the Nigerian police will not let you go free. When a Deputy Police Commissioner was gunned down (probably by fellow officers) during the Shiite protest in Abuja, scores of Shiite members were arrested and dumped in prison. They are still facing murder trial. How come that the two officers were killed by what the police suggested were Ejiofor boys and Ejiofor is a free man, not even questioned?

Ejiofor knows a lot about IPOB operations. Apart from knowing things like the secret of the name, Emma Powerful, he also knows the donors and sponsors of IPOB. He is in a position to blackmail Nnamdi Kanu, if Nnamdi Kanu tries to fire him. Also, Ejiofor cannot withdraw from the case by himself because he will become totally useless to the Nigerian Government and they will have no further reason to give him a plea bargain. That is the dilemma Nnamdi Kanu faces with Ejiofor.

Based on all the above, I can safely draw the conclusion that there is more to Ejiofor than meets the eyes. He is probably part of a delicate secret intelligence operation on the poor puns of IPOB, as well as on their leadership.

I believe that at the right time, the same intelligence scheme will intervene either to dismiss all pending criminal charges against Ejiofor, as part of the deal. Or, they may betray him and go ahead and trial him with the powerful evidence they have against him. This should be a lesson to many. They joined what they did not understand and cannot understand. And many of them have paid the utmost price. And in any intricate secret intelligence operation, there are many circles called “operational cells”. Nnamdi Kanu did not know a lot of what his trusted inter circles were doing. Just as Nnamdi Kanu has said he did not know about sit-at-home, he might not have known about the things Ejiofor was doing behind him. Nnamdi said he did not order the sit-at-homes. In the same way, he did not say those things Ejiofor tells people he said each time he visits him in detention. I just pity many.

The above scenario shows the predicament Nnamdi Kanu and his new lawyers face. With Ejiofor as part of their team, they have an uphill task. Ejiofor’s new mission may now be to undermine and frustrate the new legal team.

NOTE: Now that I may be revealing secret intelligence operation of certain individuals around IPOB and the restoration of Biafra movement and the trial of Nnamdi Kanu, I may have annoyed some people within these intelligence operations. I am sure they would not like any revelations I may have made. I hope they would not be so offended as to want to silence me.


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