ALAIGBO DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (ADF) has called the attention of all Nigerians, specifically Mr. President and the Security forces of Nigeria, as well as the International Community to a very dangerous development in 2023 Elections Season.

ln a press statement released to BVI Channel 1 online and personally signed by Prof Uzodinma Nwala – the President of ADF, the Igbo intelligentsia group warned against damaging propaganda by a northern faceless group against Ndigbo.

The full statement reads ”An over-achingly ambitious politicians is trying to instigate inter-ethnic violence, by inciting Hausa-Fulani against their fellow citizens of the Southeast Nigeria through some unscrupulous individuals and partisan political interest group hiding under the aegis of a spurious ad-hoc so-called ‘Northern Consensus Movement’.

It is to be noted that exactly this time last year, the news trending on social media was that Nigerian citizens of Hausa-Fulani extraction resident in the Southeast, were being killed by Igbos; and that Igbos had banned the sale of cows in the Southeast during the 2021 Christmas season. We all now know that there were no such incidents.

We knew even then, that it was a paid political propaganda, sponsored by interests that wanted to make sure at all and any cost, including loss of human lives and limbs, that the APC Presidential ticket did not go to the Southeast. We also know the sole objective and intent of the instant campaign and attempts to incite the Hausa-Fulani against Ndigbo, based on a false and baseless allegation of mass killing of “Northerners” in the Southeast and as an excuse for the threat of food blockade on the Southeast by an ad-hoc political entity that styled itself as “Northern Consensus Movement”

Sadly, we are being once again reminded of how mass starvation was used as a weapon of war against us from 1967 to 1970, causing the death of millions of innocent women and children.

We are also aware of various ongoing attempts and scheming, by the same political interests, to create a crisis in Lagos and the Southwest by inciting naturally peace-loving and law-abiding people of Lagos and the entire Southwest against Ndigbo, despite the fact that the grandparents of some of these Igbos were born in Lagos and the Southwest, lived there all their lives, and their descendants who are now being humiliated with all sorts of threats, know no other place in Nigeria as their home, and speak Yoruba more fluently than the Igbo language.

Mr. President and the Nigerian State Security forces have a sacred and Constitutional duty to actively intervene immediately and bring the culprits to order.
We appeal to all fellow Nigerians of goodwill to ignore the shameless and ignoble machinations of this individual and his facilitators. The instigators of these evil intentions had best remember that Ndigbo are fully aware of their schemes and are well equipped to counter them in the interests of democracy.

May this land, and this generation of her citizens, be spared the trauma of experiencing the events of our painful past.

Long live Ndigbo and their neighbors who cherish Peace, Equity and Justice!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria” the statement concluded.


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