The Biafra Defacto Customary Government, BDFCG, has made a clarion call to Biafrans in Imo State, urging them to make a difference now by their active participation and representation in the November 11th gubernatorial election.

Not discounting all lawlessness involved, the group also called on citizens to defend their vote to the best of their ability.

Speaking through the Spokesperson, Prosper Odinga, BDFCG said it remains committed to championing the rights of Biafran people, and above all, the participation and representation of Biafrans in the governance of the occupied territories or states of Biafran, including present day Imo State, adding that achievihg a just and equitable society where all humanity, comity of nations and Biafrans can thrive in harmony remains the vision.
“We say no to disfranchisement. Vote and be voted in any political election conducted by Nigeria or Biafra. Most importantly, defend your vote”

One attempt to adulterate the name ‘Biafra De Facto Customary Government’ by certain individuals with their group in pursuit of misguided agenda of violence and deceit, BDFCG clearly stated that these individuals do not represent the group, and that their actions do not align with BDFCG patriotic legacies which its present course is in pursuit of.
“We categorically State that currently we are Biafrans by customary identity and Nigerians by ‘real politik’; hence, our present status of ‘de facto’ for the restoration of Biafra legal status in quiescence within the comity of nations. This indispensable clarification of the BDFCG name is directed to rebuke any attempt to tarnish BDFCG reputation and undermine her legitimate cause”.
“The BDFCG is known within the comity of nations as quiescent and by the Nigerian government for her challenging activism in advocating for the self-determination of the Biafran people through peaceful and lawful means. We have consistently championed the rights of the Biafran people, promoting dialogue, diplomacy, and respect for the rule of law”.
“The BDFCG firmly believes in the power of peaceful dialogue and nonviolent means to resolve conflicts and secure the self-determination of the Biafran people. We reject any association with violence, criminality, or dehumanization of any kind and deceitfully violent imposed actions that scuttle the lives of our people that have for long been pushed to extreme test and challenges”.
“The unfortunate ongoing mayhem in certain parts of Biafran Provinces, now known as Imo State, has created an unlivable and ungovernable environment that has nothing to do with the Biafran course for freedom and justice. It is deeply regrettable that innocent citizens have been displaced and forcibly relocated due to the activities of these so-called agitators, who have turned those places in Imo State into a hub for criminals”.

Noting that the course of Biafra restoration collides with Nigeria ‘politicking’ represented by desperate politicians in pursuit of personal gains, the group said the upcoming November 11 gubernatorial election in Imo State will not be an exception, but called on relevant authorities, particularly Biafrans, to take immediate and decisive action to restore peace and security in the affected areas of Imo State.
“The BDFCG remains committed to pursuing its objectives through peaceful and lawful means. We will continue to work tirelessly to raise awareness of the Biafran people’s legitimate aspirations, engage in constructive dialogue, and advocate for the protection of their rights”.

It appreciated ongoing support of friends, well-wishers and the international community who recognize commitment to a peaceful and just resolution for the restoration of the Republic of Biafra, adding that together and peacefully, the present challenges can be surmounted for a better future for the Biafran people.


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