Obiano and His $5 million Dollar Vegetable Export: Scam

Who still remember Anambra and it’s 5 million dollar vegetable export?

When concerned Ndi Anambra started asking the reason why a business that fetched $5 million in one fell swoop would be abandoned all of a sudden, one of the Governor’s erats told us that the state government exported 80 40” containers of vegetables (ugu and onugbu) in 2018 alone.

I purposely attached the screenshot because I know he has forgotten, and so he can’t deny it as always.

Ndi Anambra we are talking about 40 feet container into 80 places!!

We haven’t seen the farms where those vegetables were harvested from. No media frenzy as is their trademark.

Judging from the one that fetched $5 million which was not up to 20 containers, this one of 2018 must have fetched about 40 to 50 million dollars.

The one of 2019 will definitely be heading to 60 to 70 million dollars as they have kept on improving, especially when Governor Obiano flagged off dry season farming.

They may even brand me hater for bringing it up in the first place.

The surprising thing is that we make this kind of money, yet our debt profile has continued to skyrocket.

The scam is really too much!!

These guys lie, cheat and steal!

Anambra is in ruins!

See the attached below:



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