We are living in elites society ,I mean ,political ,economic and religious elites ! They decide how to share scarce resources ,when to share ,where to share and who to benefit. It is animal farm – like situation. The poor and workers are suffering and smiling believing in divine intervention.

It is unfortunate that most people don’t know how to use public policies to touch lives directly. Building infrastructures like roads ,bridges etc are good but they do not have direct impact on the lives of the ordinary people.

Reduction of tax to keke,shuttle drivers,market women etc , access to funding targeted to people in the rural areas,organising value chain with marketing board to ensure that a desired farm produce is profitable among other initiatives touches the lives of households.

In Nigeria situation today,it is only the office of the President and the office of the Governor that can implement public policies that would affect the living standard of majority of the people .

Those we hire to represent us in government must always think of our welfares. We must stop praise-singing them anything they perform their duties.We should be bold enough to remind them that they are our employees .

2023 is around the corner .We have another opportunity to use our votes wisely .

Ndubuisi Anaengwu writes for Good Governance Ministry- GGM


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