Open Letter To Prof Chukwuma Soludo,

Dear Mr Governor,

I do not think that the number of subjects in secondary school  system in Anambra State are necessary. You are revolutionary minded Public Servant  and I think that our children should be exposed to relevant subjects that will prepare them for the challenges of 21st century.  The subjects are listed below;

1. English
2. Maths
3. Igbo
4. Civic
5. French
6. History
7. Basic Science
8. Basic Technology
9. Business Education
10. Information,Communication and Technology
11. Physical, Health Education
12. Agricultural Science
13. Home Economics
14. Christian Religious Studies
15. Security
16. Social Science
17. Moral
18. Cultural and Creative Art

The above subjects can be consolidated to achieve desired results and channel students energy towards problem solving.

I have observed that most of these subjects are obsolete in content ,hence urgent need for update to meet 21st century.

Kindly consider.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu


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