OPM Pastor to Sponsor Man who Built Transformer to Study Abroad

He made this known on his official social media handle ;

We have found him, glory be to God.
Just found him.

He is in Lagos selling things on the street with themother.

I have already release money for him to travel down to port harcourt on Monday.
He will be traveling with the next set that are traveling overseas to study Electrical Engineering this month of August.

I have already instructed for his documentation to commence immediately.
It’s not easy to build a transformer. He is gifted.

Nigerians are gifted with so many young people with talents, but it’s normally wasted.

That’s why we must continue to trust in God, so that our individual gifts does not waste. Glory be to GOD Alone.

Fully sponsored through tithes and offerings in OPM Church.

~~Apostle Chubuzor Chinyere.




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