We have a wicked political class who have ganged up with business elites to create an internal ‘ neo-colonial system

The public should note that these are public goods – electricity,fuel ,gas ,water ,health ,school , Security etc that are exclusive responsibility of the Government but all have been privatized and sold to business elites to control and manipulate the people using suffocating monetary system to restrict free money market operations .

The judgement day is fast approaching. Obidient tsunami has not taught these political elites any lesson . People are really angry that modular refineries cannot be licensed for local refining of crude products in the short terms . Why can’t our Senators speak out ? Why are we exposing our natural endowment to international pricing thereby working against the theorem of comparative advantage. The general market prices have skyrocketed with real wages of the masses turning to ordinary tissue paper ?

Ndubuisi, Anaenugwu

Good Governance Ministry


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