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BVI Channel 1 can confirm that OURMUMUDONDO group led by The President of All The Frustrated Nigerians-Charleyboy has made real her threat to gather  at the Foreign Affairs Commission to protest against Slave Trading ongoing in Libya and to demand that Nigeria Government evacuates all the concerned Nigerians from Libya with immediate effect.

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In a letter made available to BVI Channel 1 few days ago from the group,the letter reads in full ‘ Fellow Nigerians, we write to you with a sorrowful heart and a weeping soul.Evil has been allowed a chance to dominate the minds of Africans.Our Brothers and Sisters have been turned into objects of contempt and ridicule in the most humiliating slave trade ever witnessed in recent times.Over 150,000 Africans are in Libya trying to cross over to Europe every year .Among them,there are more than 40,000 Nigerians who are being abused,starved ,deprived of water ,sold into prostitution,mutilated ,and even killed.Some of them are even hung upside down and burnt alive.This is evil and inhumane.This does not paint us well as Africans and Black people.Those people who are being sold as slaves in Libya are our brothers and sisters.Some of them are close relatives that we don’t even know are there.Some are our long time friends.And more importantly,they are all Nigerians and Africans.And for this reason,we must all come out in solidarity,arms locked with heads held high and march to the Foreign Affairs Commission peacefully on Monday(being today),December 4,2017 to demand that our government brings our people back to Nigeria’.The statement concluded.

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As we write Charlyboy and members are seen at Tafawa Balewa House,Off Ahmadu Bello Way,Abuja seated on the floor with hands tied in chains and their voices chanting songs of freedom.This will continue for 6 hours non stop everyday until Government does the needful.

Ndubuisi reporting for BVI Channel 1



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