We have taken it upon ourselves to bring to you what ordinarily the mainstream media wouldn’t want you to know…..

Yes, greater number of them, including some online media have been compromised.

However, this is basically to bring to you a summary of what the Labour party and her lawyers have achieved so

All of them have been expressed in the petition and canvassed in written arguments.

With the petitioners’ case currently ongoing, they have called up witnesses and tendered INEC CTCs,forensic/expert evidences and even INEC staffs to back up their claims and support the grounds for their prayers.

I believe there will be more witnesses, including a Star witness before the close of their case on Friday.

All the prayers will be DETERMINED in the FINAL JUDGEMENT.

What are these Prayers? (Brief Summary) :

1. Eligibility

That It be determined that:

A) At the time of the Presidential Elections, 2nd & 3rd Respondents (Tinubu & Shettima) were unqualified to contest

B) All the votes recorded to Tinubu were wasted due to qualification/disqualification of Tinubu and Shettima

C) On the basis of the remaining votes (after discountenancing Tinubu and Shettima) , Obi scored majority of the lawful votes cast in 2/3rd of the States And the FCT, therefore met the requirements to be declared winner

2) 25% in Abuja
That it be determined that Tinubu failed to score 25% in the FCT hence ought not to have been declared winner.

3) In Alternate, a Fresh Election

Order the cancellation of the elections and order INEC to conduct a fresh one that Tinubu & Shettima shall not participate in

4) Alternatively, that they get elected by majority of lawful votes cast

That it be determined that

A) That Tinubu was not duly elected by a majority, therefore his declaration as winner is unlawful, unconstitutional and of no effect

B) Based on the valid votes cast, Obi scored the highest number of votes in 2/3rd of the States and the FCT and ought to be declared winner

C) An order directing INEC to issue Certificate of Return to Obi as duly elected President be issued

In Further Alternative to 1-4 Above:

5) Void

A) That the Presidential elections conducted on Feb 25th, 2023 is void on the grounds that it was not conducted in accordance to the Electoral Act 2022 and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended

B)Order the cancellation of the Presidential Elections and order INEC to conduct fresh Presidential Elections.

Keep these at your fingertips and share widely!…..


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