Popular Social Media Influencer Invited By Police Over Alleged Cyber-stalking, Conspiracy Shorty After Declaring Support For Peter Obi

Influential social media personality, Abdul Mahmud, popularly known as The Great Oracle, has been invited by the FCT police command over allegations of conspiracy, cyber-stalking and willfully making a false statement.

The lawyer was asked to report to a police superintendent at one of its stations in the Wuse District of the federal capital.

The police also accused the lawyer of defamation, emotional, verbal and psychological abuse and willfully placing a person in fear of physical injury.

The accusations were contained in an invitation letter dated June 24 and sent to Mr Mahmud’s office in Abuja.

In the letter signed by Ahmed Musa, the deputy police commissioner in charge of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Mr Mahmud was asked to report to a police superintendent at one of its offices in Wuse District of the federal capital.

Reacting to the invitation on his Facebook page, Mr Mahmud said the invitation was sent to him shortly after declaring his support for Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party.

“A few hours after the Great Oracle publicly endorsed his candidate, an invitation letter from the police, ostensibly backdated surfaces. Nonsense.

“The Great Oracle cannot be intimidated.

“He’ll use the opportunity availed by the invitation letter to push for the rights of citizens to know their accusers and the specific details of accusations/allegations against them, including the right to be served petitions, for their lawyers to prepare an adequate defence.

“It is a right guaranteed by the Constitution 1999 and the Great Oracle will not be intimidated. He has asked the police to do the lawful thing, otherwise, he won’t honour its invitation! We move,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Similarly, his lawyer, Rodney Adzuanaga, in a letter, said his client won’t be honouring the invitation and asked the police to state the substance of the complaint and the name of the complainant before his client could honour their invitation.

He said the social media personality would not honour the invitation until the required information was provided.

“We noticed that the said letter does not disclose the name of the complainant, the substance of the petition, how our client is for clarification: just as the petition is not attached to the letter.

“The absence of these germane and fundamental ingredients in any inquiry of a criminal nature violates the express provisions of Section 36 (6) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999.

“In light of the foregoing, our client will be unable to honour your invitation. He will however be available to honour the same if the necessary ingredients are provided and adequate time availed him to prepare for the invitation.

“We look forward to your favourable response and assure you and your office of our client’s very high regard,” the letter partly read.


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