Good morning and happy Sunday everyone. I wish  to remind you that we are not backing down on our mission. Good governance must be restored in Anambra, Alaigbo and beyond. Let’s not fold our hands and expect manna to fall from heaven .The least is to mobilize the people around you. Talk to them about our mission and the methodology that we intend to use to achieve it, which is political process. Convince your family members, close friends and neighbors on the importance of fixing our politics.


Everyone that loves and believes in PRM is expected to mobilize at least 20 persons. The people you mobilize will mobilize others and in a short time the whole state is covered.

Before the Anambra state election on 6th November, 2021 , PRM is targeting at least a hundred members in each and every polling stations in Anambra state. We expect to have PRM excos in all the polling units. If we are fifty percent successful, then it will be very difficult for anyone to impose a governor on us. We intend to use Anambra coming election to make a statement in Alaigbo that it shall no longer be business as usual.

My people, you can see that there are so much work to be done and ghost will not do them but you and I. Let’s stand up now before is too late. Wherever you are now please start the sensitization and mobilization. We must free and restore our land. If we don’t do that, nobody will do it for us. Stop waiting for a messiah that will never come to liberate us. The messiah is already here, you and I. If majority of us do what we suppose to do, we shall obtain our freedom. The only thing we need is the Truth which you have heard and is only the Truth that will set us free.

Chukwuemeka Chibuzor ( PRM coordinator Anambra)


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