Political structure in Nigeria is for sharing money not ideas. No political party in Nigeria has been able to organise political education on continuous basis.

In Anambra ,we have about 2.6 million registered voters but only about 256,000 voted in 2021 election.Prof Soludo became the Governor with only 112,000 votes.

In 2019 , about 30m Nigerians voted out of 81m registered voters.

Buhari became the President with about 16m votes .

The fact remains that Nigerians are not politically educated . That is why they don’t expect anything from people in government. That is why they collect N2000 to vote for the slave masters.

2023 will be different . Good Governance Ministry ( GGM ) is here to educate Nigerians on how to appraise and rate people asking us for votes .

The first to be considered is the person opinion on restructuring Nigeria. The present structure of Nigeria is not sustainable . We cannot build a 21st century society with our consumption driven system . Buhari has wasted our precious time and we cannot afford to make another mistake in 2023.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is an economist and Deputy Leader of Good Governance Ministry ( GGM )


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