There is proven cases of vote buying, voter intimidation during last Saturday Election across the Country .

I must congratulate all those Governors who created enabling environment in their States for Voters to make their choices. Such Governors did not use the State instrument of force against opposition parties or threaten voters as seen in states like Lagos,Rivers, Ebonyi,Imo , Kaduna etc . GGM will always stand for men of characters in public space .

Vote buying started during the previous administrations across Nigeria and politicians in this ugly business are wicked and shameless. They have used hunger to weaponize the masses and believe that with few naira ,they can buy anybody. Peter Obi has shown how to win election without buying votes. We have always believed that good Governance will stop vote buying and use of thugs to disrupt elections. Just with a message of hope ,so many Nigerians believed that Peter Obi would solve their problems .

As an economist with State power , I will use public policies to endear myself to ordinary voters . I will empower party agents and voters at various communities on sustainable basis. I will narrow the communication gap between those in Government functions and the people on the street through efficiently managed call centres like MTN cal center etc. I will interact with my dear employers(the people)  on monthly basis. I will publish financial transactions of government on monthly basis. I will partner with private sector to build affordable housing estates  to intervene in rising cost of housing . I will build modern Abattoir houses , mechanic villages ,farm settlements, technology villages etc. All primary, secondary schools ,including tertiary institutions must have cooperative society that will be producing food and making good money.Students will take vacation jobs in schools production centres and earn real income. I will play down certificate education ,and use human resources to solve society problems. I will make each community in the states to be productive. Building roads and bridges are good but they should not be an excuse to overlook other enablers that will touch lives directly in immediate terms . I will facilitate a credit system that will induce consumption and investment.

Finally , I will hire like-minded characters who are contented and who have verifiable sources of income to assist my Government with measurable targets . If I touch lives directly and give message of hope ,I do not need to approve any money for buying votes and hiring thugs . Anybody that encourages voting buying and hiring of thugs is mentally sick and empty.


Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is GGM Ambassador


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