The attention of the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra (CG-IPOB) has been drawn to an online news report that the British authority would never allow Nigeria to break up. According to the report,the British High Commissioner – Mr Paul Arkwright at a public lecture titled Brexit: lesson,challenges and opportunities for Nigeria, announced that the unity of Nigeria remained non-negotiable, stressing that the country would be better under one umbrella.

The Customary Government and the entire populace of the Biafran people are not surprised with Mr Arkwright position on the unity of Nigeria. We do not expect the British Government to support the quest for Biafra restoration.Our expectation lies with the ordinary Britons on the street who overwhelmingly voted yes for Brexit even when the former Prime Minister-David Cameron  campaigned in favour of Britain being part of EU.For emphasis and record purpose,the Customary Government of IPOB has never negotiated or requested for the division of Nigeria but to restore her indigenous identity before the invasion of foreigners into her land.It is our submission that Nigeria will always remain a great Country even after Biafrans might have restored their land.


The British High Commissioner should note that Biafrans have since gone to court in suit no : FHC/OW/CS/192/2013 to establish their indigenous identity as well as their inalienable rights for self determination. We need not remind the British Envoy that from the ancient map of Africa 1492 – 1843, particularly the Map of Africa 1662 and 1707, there were three kingdoms in West Africa from where the new country called “Nigeria” was created in 1914, namely, the Kingdom of Zamfara in the North; the Kingdom of Biafra in the East; and the Kingdom of Benin/Oduduwa in the West. In the ancient times, the Kingdom of Benin extended to most parts of West Africa including Dahomey and Togo. The Kingdom of Biafra at that time extended to the present day Equatorial Guinea and some parts of Cameroun and Gabon while the Kingdom of Zamfara extended to the present day Niger Republic and Chad. Dahomey is now called Benin Republic. The truth is that every indigenous person presently dwelling in the geographical space called “Nigeria” has his or her ancestral roots from any one of these three or four kingdoms.

It is important to inform the general public that by the arbitrary sharing of African lands at the Berlin Conference in Germany in 1884-1885 to create new countries, the colonial masters placed some indigenous people of Biafra into the new country called “Nigeria” and left others in Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. That action has caused millions of innocent and young lives. By going to court, Customary Government of IPOB intends to correct the mistakes of our fathers without sacrificing innocent blood(s).

The Public should note that British Government through Lord Luggard created Nigeria in 1914; hence the position of Mr Arkwright is in order and expected.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu

Director –Directorate of Information,CG- IPOB



  1. But Britain knew all the facts about Biafra, and if the Britain is in support of Nigeria and would not want Biafra to stand, then Biafra currency will be shifted from Britain pound to Dollar, because the America has endorsed Biafra independence. So we go to a continent who want Biafra freedom. Hence such agreement has been reached. There is no need wasting our time with the Britain. Britain is not Biafra God, but Biafra only respect Britain due to the initial administration. Britain declaration to one Nigeria is deceitful, there is not truth in Britain declaration to one Nigeria

  2. I Jesmion said, be friendly with the continent that accepts you. Be friendly with America etc. They can bribe Britain to support Nigeria, and so they will continue bribing every Britain prime minister untill their money finish and Biafra has already been worldly endorsed as a good nation that has respect for the United Nations


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