Press Statement
The Directorate of Information ,CG-IPOB can confirm that an attempt is being made to throw confusion into the Biafra struggle.
The general public mostly those who believe in the inalienable rights of the indigenous people to self determination should not be discouraged or distracted with the recent happenings in social and print media.It is rather provocative for a group of people who should know better to commence marshal order on Ndiigbo living in the North.The intention of the Northern Youths was to create artificial confusion in order to force some beneficiaries of one Nigeria from former eastern region into making public statement(s) in condemnation of Biafra agitation.This has failed as the current quest for Biafra restoration is a divine mandate.
For record purpose,Customary Government of IPOB has notified various world organization(s) including United Nations and African Union on the preparedness of indigenous people of Biafran to quit the forced marriage called Nigeria.To ensure that this solemn demand is in line with the international requirement from a people seeking for independence ,CG-IPOB through Bilie Human Rights has dragged Nigeria Government to court to provide simple answers to fundamental questions(see the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYILpHWgAF0)
The Directorate of Information,CG-IPOB is extending a hand of comradeship to the Northern Youths media team on the peaceful process to resolve our differences out of court in line with their declaration and we quote ‘ The North hereby openly calls on the authorities and other national and international stakeholders to acknowledge this declaration by taking steps to facilitate the final dissolution of this hopeless union that has never been convenient to any of the parties’ .It is the opinion of the Directorate of Information,CG-IPOB that the new Biafra Nation will always live in peace with her Northern Nigeria neighbor,and however,there is no need to threaten anybody since both parties are tired of the union called Nigeria.
The Directorate of Information,CG-IPOB wishes to inform the Biafra public to be cautious of any group asking for election boycott even now that we are still part of Nigeria.In as much as we acknowledge and appreciate efforts being made by different pro Biafran groups to mount pressure on the Nigeria state towards peaceful restoration of Biafra,it should be noted that certain action(s) will sabotage our collective efforts.Any attempt to boycott election as a tool to protest our total rejection of Nigeria state amounts to open invitation to our enemies to take over our political space.The argument projected by the proponent of election boycott is watery as such action will never achieve 50% compliance considering the poverty situation in Biafraland.
The Directorate of Information ,CG-IPOB shall continue to carry you along at every stage of our legitimate quest to restore Biafra and would expect you to give Customary Government of IPOB both financial and moral support to keep the struggle alive.
Ndubuisi Anaenugwu
Director -Directorate of Information,CG-IPOB


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