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Lord Lugguard Created Nigeria Not God

The attention of the Customary Government of IPOB has been drawn to an online report (Vanguard) that God created Nigeria.The report was credited to a message delivered by President Buhari in the occasion of Eid Kabir hosted by Aisha Buhari to mark Sallah celebration.The message from Mr President reads ‘ I am one of those who is extremely confident that our nation will remain united because i am convinced that God’s plans and purpose for Nigeria is that we would be the preeminent black nation in the world.The President said: the country would continue to show greatness in culture,in technology and in commerce which he stated was God’s investment in the black race.We must focus out time,our energies and our resources on being that great nation that God has called us to be’ the message concluded.

CG-IPOB is worried that neither President Buhari nor the Nigerian elites have learnt any lesson from the recent history. To associate the creation of Nigeria with God is trying to question the existence of our Redeemer .Is President Buhari trying to rewrite history that Lord Lugguard and Miss Flora were anointed by God the very day they created Nigeria?  It is no longer in dispute that Nigeria is a failed state and God would never have hand in failures.

CG-IPOB could not believe that in a period when even the Northern Youths have come to terms that regions should be allowed to determine their economic, political and cultural aspirations, that few people inside Aso Rock would still be fantasizing  on a dream one Nigeria. A country that could not provide ordinary medical assistance to number one citizen! God’s project indeed! A Country that has no reliable data for her citizenry! God’s project indeed.A Country that does not care and or perhaps do not have any concrete plan for millions of her jobless labour force! That Nigeria is still pretending to be one today is by the grace of God.God is about to set His Children free from Lord Lugguard creation called Nigeria.

CG-IPOB wants to reassure Biafrans that God can never be part of a fraudulent creation.God has set in motion action plans to restore Biafra without shedding innocent bloods .


Ndubuisi Anaenugwu

Director-Directorate of Information,CG-IPOB



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