CG-IPOB is not surprised that the bill to decentralize power from the centre has been discarded, atleast for now. 48 Senators voted against the bill while 46 voted in favour. The rejection followed threat from Arewa Youths that Northern Politicians must frustrate any move that would lead to restructuring the Nation’s polity. Note that Arewa Youths have total control of the northern politicians, perhaps they understand the political game and could never threaten election boycott.

What do our people want? While our elites want a restructured Nigeria where equity, fairness and justice are enthroned, the masses on the street want a brand new Nation-Biafra.The question is : Do our elites have what it takes to lobby for a favourable political and economic structures in Nigeria? CG-IPOB understands the skewed structures of Nigeria political and economic  system,hence the need to think outside the box in achieving desired  results. It is with the full knowledge of near impossible task of restructuring Nigeria through the political process that made CG-IPOB to vie into legal and diplomatic strategies to corner the needed International supports. Many do not understand the intrigues and power play that surround resource control. It requires utmost tact and intellectualities and this is why many could not appreciate the sensitive job being executed by CG-IPOB.

CG-IPOB appreciates all groups that are working hard to ensure that our voices are heard, however, all groups are advised to remain focussed as freedom movement is never a child’s play.


Ndubuisi Anaenugwu

Director-Directorate of Information,CG-IPOB


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