Prof Moghalu emerges third Force as Danjuma ,Others reject APC & PDP

In less than 60 days to Nigeria General Election,a coalition of Christian Leaders under the aegis of National Christian Elders Forum has asked Nigerians not to vote for the All Progressive Congress and the Peoples Democratic Party ,describing the parties as  two evils.

The Religious Group rejected the current political composition of Nigeria which according to them was designed to favor one ethnic nationality.


Solomon Asemota (SAN)

In his statement ,the National Chairman of the Christian Elders Forum –Solomon Asemota (SAN) reminded Nigerians that the PDP and The APC  impoverished and pauperized the masses of Nigeria and had jointly turned the country into the poverty capital of the world.It therefore makes sense to reject the two frontline parties ; the APC and the PDP for lack of credible performance.Chief Asemota further stated ‘’ we are persuaded that the Nation should feel compelled within the next few months to look in another direction for its salvation.If that is not done,Nigerians would have willingly jumped from fire into the furnace.We are already sensitized as what is ahead with the slogan ‘’two evils’’

National Christian Elders Forum is convinced that if Nigerians are truly desirous of good governance ,then all Nigerians need to be diligent to look outside of these two major parties.

In a related note, an unconfirmed source had hinted that Prof Kingsley Moghalu of YPP is favored as the emerging third force. There is a strong indication that the major stakeholders across Nigeria will endorse the revolutionary Presidential Candidate of YPP –Prof Kingsley Moghalu  before the year wings off. There is no doubt that the middle class and the ordinary people on the street of Nigeria will always pitch tent with the revolutionary messages from the erudite Professor.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu writes for BVI Channel 1 online


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