One of the Good Governance Ministry 10-Points appraisal rating as basis of supporting Gubernatorial Candidate is periodic interactive session with the people . Last week ,Prof Chukwuma Soludo kept his promise to periodically interact with the people of Anambra State. The more than 2-hours radio program hosted by Anambra Broadcasting Services gave Ndi Anambra the rare opportunity to interact with their Chief Servant. It was indeed an interactive session of first class rating. Questions were asked on the security ,teachers recruitment,waste management, tree planting and environment,smart city project , building of international drug market , restoring Onitsha master plan and erosion control, banning of touting and using technology to collect government revenues among many other issues.

For one thing ,Prof Soludo has shown that those who staked their lives to elect him – The Governor did not make any mistake. He is indeed a first class Teacher.His use of local language to connect with the ordinary people ,his choice of words ,his deep knowledge of every issue raised ,made many people to demand that the interactive session with Mr Governor be holding at least once a month as against 3 months offered by Mr Governor.

A 75 -year old man told me after the radio program that the voice of Mr Governor has given him more reasons to live and that he would wish for a weekly update from Mr Governor. Such comments are expected especially when almost everybody has lost confidence in Nigerian public servants . Moreso , people need hope and encouragement to survive depression ,frustration and government failures. In an environment where agitators are online on daily basis telling the ordinary people how ideal society works , where Pastors are in constant touch with their members , Mr Governor as a Teacher should always reach the people directly through radio programs at least once a month . We have not forgotten President Obasanjo monthly media chat – The President explains ‘

Finally , Mr Governor needs to mobilize the people of Anambra to be on the same page with his vision and only then we can celebrate a new Anambra State of possibilities.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu

Deputy Leader- Good Governance Ministry


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